American Beauty


American Beauty, grows to 1.5m tall, deep pink, strong fragrance and repeat flower.



Eclair, grows to 1.5m tall, dark red, moderate fragrance and repeat flower.

Ferdinand Pichard


Ferdinand Pichard, grows to 2m tall, pink with crimson stripes, moderate fragrance, repeat flower and disease resistant.

Gloire Lyonnaise


Gloire Lyonnaise, grows to 1.3m tall, cream, moderate fragrance and occasional repeat flower.

Reine Des Violettes


Reine Des Violettes, grows to 1.8m tall, violette with lighter center, repeat flower with strong fragrance.

Yolande de Aragon


Yolande de Aragon, grows to 1.2m tall, purple blend, strong fragrance, scattered later bloom and disease resistant.

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